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Inspire with STARS for ALL: Illuminate the Universe for Kids

Welcome to This is a non-profit initiative, where your star discovery not only connects you with the cosmos but also fuels astronomy education for kids. Explore the universe with purpose and make a lasting impact with your star purchase.

How It Works

Finding your star is easy:

  1. Visit our Your Star page
  2. Answer three astronomy-related questions and get a 50% discount
  3. Let our AI find your unique star out of 1 billion stars discovered by the Gaia satellite
  4. Know your star, be happy, and take pride in contributing to the astronomy education of the next generation

Curious about the technical side? Learn more about our database and how our AI works on the Technical Details page.

Why STARS for ALL?

Looking to name or buy a star?
While some commercial enterprises offer such services, it's crucial to note that these names lack official recognition. The only authority for astronomical object names is the International Astronomical Union. At STARS-for-ALL, we offer a unique approach — discover the unique star that resonates with you while supporting real astronomy education initiatives.

Your Star, Their Universe

Astronomy opens doors to knowledge, spanning science, mathematics, and critical thinking. Your involvement with STARS for ALL not only connects you with a unique star but also fuels educational initiatives for young kids aspiring to learn about the cosmos. Every contribution to funds educational opportunities for kids interested in astronomy. From planetarium visits to stargazing events, your support creates an environment where the next generation can reach for the stars — both literally and figuratively. Be a part of shaping the future of astronomy and science.

Join Our Community

Throughout history, stars have woven tales and sparked curiosity across cultures. By becoming a part of STARS for ALL, you join a vibrant community dedicated to exploring the cosmos. Together, we aim to inspire curiosity and share knowledge among enthusiasts of all ages. Connect with the universe and a like-minded community passionate about stargazing.

Transparency in Impact

At STARS for ALL, transparency is paramount. Stay informed about the activities for kids your contributions support, the impact on young minds, and the educational initiatives we champion. Your star discovery journey is about making the universe accessible and inspiring for everyone.

Light Up the Universe for the Next Generation

Join us in illuminating the universe for the next generation. Explore the cosmos with purpose. Discover your star and make a lasting difference.